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Why Choose us?

Using conventional marketing will give you limited capacity to spread awareness about your business to consumers. Now it is possible with a messaging app. With billions of users and strong database worldwide, you have no excuse not to try this new engaging medium. Mobile Messaging is getting stronger in its present to everyone’s daily life and can do more than imagined. Explore now to get the best of your business.

The reason to use our service

  • 1-stop WhatsApp marketing service provider in Malaysia
  • Offering a comprehensive range of WhatsApp advertising solutions
  • Extensive coverage – 1 Malaysia, 14 states, 440 towns across Malaysia
  • Nationwide coverage to reach 10.5 million WhatsApp users across Malaysia
  • 100% delivery rate – Deliver to the active WhatsApp users only
  • Geo targeting is available
  • Complete delivery report with every campaign
  • Reduce your cost and save time
  • Professional & reliable service
  • Quick & accurate delivery

Features Overview

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Send Texts, Images and Videos in Bulk

You can send individual image, text messages and Videos to any particular WhatsApp number. You get option to upload the images & videos here.

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Add Group and View Groups

This feature allows you to create a new group. You can view the groups which are already created in the system. And also see how many numbers are added in that particular group.

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Send Text, Images and Videos To Group

Our Panel allows you to send text WhatsApp messages, Images and Videos to list of contacts which are already uploaded in a particular group of contacts that you have in the system.

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Import and View Contacts

This feature allows you to import your WhatsApp contacts in a particular group. Also you can view phone numbers which are there in the system under a particular group.

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Our reporting system allows you to see how many messages that you uploaded for marketing are in progress, completed or whether system rejected.

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Message History

This feature allows you to look into your account history. And have information about previous campaigns which were run under this particular account.

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